JLS Directors and Chairs


2016-2017 Board of Directors

•   President:  Sally Stopher

•   President-Elect:  Maria Cahill

•   Treasurer:  Kim Lloyd

•   Treasurer-Elect:  Cora Verge

•   Sustaining Director:  Julia McGann

•   Administrative Director:  Ann Smith

•   Community Director:  Emily Arneson

•   Membership Director:  Nicole Moore

•   Funding Director:  Michelle Grover

•   Leadership Development Committee Chair:  Jackie Worobec

•   Parliamentarian (nominated by President):  Cora Verge

•   Presidential Assistant (nominated by President):  Tori Osler


2016-2017 Chairs

•   Meetings and Arrangements:   Sara Ellerd and Tricia Morgan

•   Communications/Marketing:   Alexis Sampson and Melissa King

•   Impact:   Allison Dalby and Megan Sennett  

•   Project Research & Development:   Sarah Love

•   Book Bank:   Marnie Schroer

•   Marketplace: Abbey Parsons

•   Red Hot Night:   Betsy Clevenger and Amy Cox --  RHN@JLSpokane.org

•   Funding Resource Management:   Melinda Bowman

•   Touch-A-Truck:  Melissa King --TAT@JLSpokane.org

•   Donor Relations Specialist:   Kelsey Parker

•   Membership Development:   Kate Heidergott and Lauren Klundt

•   Communications/Marketing:   Alexis Sampson and Melissa King

•   Leadership Development Committee/Placement:   Ashley Manfred